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Short-term memory loss can begin in your 30's

Short Term Memory Loss by Age

Do YOU know the 50-50 Rule of Memory Loss?

Starting at age 25, memory begins to decline and by age 50, as much as 50% of short-term memory has been lost.

And it only gets worse if you don't take action. Don't let this happen to you.

The Amazing Neuron Connection

The brain has 100 billion neurons (brain cells), each of which are connected, on average, to 1000 other brain cells, making for over 100 trillion connections, or synapses.

NEUROPEPTIDES are small natural proteins that help improve the connections between these brain cells, allowing them to communicate with each other.

How Age-Related memory Loss Occurs

As we age, Neuropeptide production decreases, and the connections between the brain cells (neurons) begin to disappear.

Fewer connections result in MEMORY LOSS, LACK of RETENTION and RECALL.

Normal Functioning Brain Cells

Normal Functioning Brain Cells

Brain Cells with Age-Related Memory Loss

Brain Cells with Age-Related Memory Loss

Clinical Studies Show

  • People over age 60 lose about 17% of their memory every 10 years
  • People taking CEBRIA improve their memory by an average of 18% in just 30 days!
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How Cebria Helps Restore Your memory

The Secret: CEBRIA'S Patented NEURO-PEP 12

Dr. Thomas Crook

Dr. Thomas Crook
Former Task Force Chairman
National Institute of Mental Health

"Neuro-Pep 12 stands alone when it comes to treating age-associated memory impairment."

With 25-years of brain research, CEBRIA was developed by a European pharmaceutical company - the world's leading authority on NEUROPEPTIDES - to help your brain work the way it used to – making new, stronger connections and giving you back your mental edge!

Their amazing discovery, NEURO-PEP 12 (exclusive to CEBRIA) has been shown, in a published clinical study, to "significantly improve memory within just 30 days".

  • Helps restore short-term memory
  • Reduces brain fog and mental fuzziness
  • Boosts your ability to retain and recall new information
  • Helps support mental sharpness and clarity

CEBRIA IS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Cebria simply supplements what your body isn't making enough of anymore – the neuropeptides that support healthy connections and communication in the brain.

Brain Cells

These are brain cells under a microscope. The ones on the left have not been treated.

The brain cells on the right have been treated with the natural neuropeptides in Cebria. They are not just alive, they are thriving, making healthy new connections that can help restore short-term memory.

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The Developer
of Cebria

Dr. Marcus Laux

Dr. Marcus Laux
Health and Wellness Expert
Physician, Scientist, and Researcher

This was personal for me. I was not getting any younger. My brain was suffering and it scared me more than most people. So, I looked for a natural solution. Cebria was a game changer for me. My confidence, my memory - they returned like they were when I was at the top of my game. Cebria is a once-in-a-lifetime discovery with solid science. It sweeps away that brain fog and mental fuzziness, and restores memory and confidence.

I wanted people to have the chance to have what I got - to get back perhaps something they thought they had lost forever.

Cebria is really revolutionary. No hype. Just real science.*

Real People. Real Results.

Bella Shaw

Bella Shaw

Award-winning Journalist and former CNN Primetime News Anchor

I had what they used to call a steel-trap brain and then several years ago little things began to change. I couldn't remember names and facts as well. I'd walk into a room and forget why I went in there. It was like I was in a mental fog. I'm in my 50's and, frankly, was thinking that I was too young for this.

I had to try Cebria for myself and, in just a few weeks, I noticed a dramatic difference. I remember things more easily now.

Disclaimer: Bella was so impressed with the results that she experienced with Cebria that she agreed to co-host our show promoting its benefits.

Dale HudsonDale Hudson

I don't have to purposely remember things anymore. I can just go and not even have to think about it. I didn't think something so simple could be so helpful in such a short amount of time. Just one small capsule and you think it couldn't do all this. But, it does!

I won't stop taking it. I won't. Because I don't want to go back.*

Michael GallagherMichael Gallagher

My memory is as good today as it has ever been... because of Cebria. I swear by it. I stopped forgetting things, little things. The store - you give me 10 items to get at the store and I now come back with 10 items.

This stuff works. Cebria is working.*

Don WardDon Ward

I was losing my confidence because I thought, WOW, I'm forgetting so many things. I don't have that anymore. Cebria has given me an advantage that I was losing just because of the age factor.

When your neurons are firing with places to connect, when your brain's working and functioning at its best, you know it and feel it.*

Sharyll BundiesSharyll Bundies

Cebria gives me a youthful feeling, a confident feeling.

It is making a difference. I see it, I feel it, and, I know it.*

*Results not typical. Individual results may vary.

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